Tree Doctors on Call

Urban Arborists is based on the model of a doctor’s office, not a contractor’s. We prune, plant, assess, diagnose, and care for every kind of tree and shrub in the landscape. We follow the physician’s motto, Prima non nocere, “First do no harm”.

We work in all from the smallest terraces and courtyards, to the front and back gardens of private homes and apartment complexes, to urban streets, to entire city parks and major institutions. We also create plans to protect trees, to inventory woody plant resources,
and to guide succession choices in a garden, park or streestcape. We sometimes create long-term relationships that allow us to manage trees and shrubs, often for decades.

For each plant that we examine, we first work with the client to create an agreed-upon aim for that work. When a tree or shrub is in trouble, we not only look for pests and pathogens, but also examine it surroundings, its neighbors, and its access to key resources like light and water. We carefully review changes in its environment that so often are the major cause of problems. We do only work that is directed to creating a landscape full of trees and shrubs that are stable, healthy and beautiful.


Tree Care and Planting

We care about hands-on tree care and planting. They are our passion. We never stop learning how to make our work better.


Photo by silverjohn/iStock / Getty Images

Whether it is tree inventories, management plans, risk assessment or forensics, New Yorkers depend upon our advice when making important decisions about their trees and shrubs.


We love to manage and care for the woody plants in places that are visited by thousands every day.

“Your guys just left after pruning our street tree and the trees in our garden.They have done the best job that we have ever had done on these trees. The trees look the best they ever have.”

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