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You will often see our crews in public places – at Parks, hospitals, museums, business improvement districts – pruning and caring for trees.  They are skilled in staging their work so as to minimize disruption and maximize safety.  They know how to preserve and enhance the beauty of a landscape, while making trees stable and healthy.  We have good contacts with city agencies, to acquire necessary permits.


List of all services

• Tree and shrub planting
• Tree and shrub pruning – aesthetics, health, safety, specialty
• Veteran tree preservation
• Soil amendments and other soil remediation
• Removal of invasive vines and other plants
• Diagnostics and Integrated Pest Management
• Tree bed expansion
• Tree removal

Business Improvement Districts

We work for BIDs around the five boroughs, sometimes caring for as many as 300 or 400 trees for each. We often not only prune, but also provide soil amendments, IPM and weed control. 

Block and Neighborhood Associations

We have now sometimes taken care of blocks or neighborhoods for a decade or more. It is often striking to see the difference between blocks where we manage trees and adjacent blocks. The trees are healthier and more beautiful, not only as individuals but as a group. Our emergency response team has often made the difference between keeping and losing a tree, especially when accidents or storm damage occur.



We specialize in helping museums to preserve existing trees and to plan, install and train new plantings. We love making tree health, stability and beauty work together to complement beautiful and historic buildings. 


Residential apartment complexes

It is a pleasure to care for apartment complexes where the residents really care about their trees. We not only provide a full array of pruning, planting and IPM services, but also we often do training of residents, so they can take on the care and pruning of small trees and shrubs. 


Parks and Plazas

Urban parks and plazas are often the city dweller’s primary experience of nature.  We care for a number of important city parks, not only pruning but also regularly assessing their trees. We create full management and succession plans, to assure that tree populations will be preserved and renewed for decades to come. 



Many of New York’s great tree collections occur in cemeteries, where trees remain undisturbed for a century or more. It is very satisfying to take a cemetery block that is littered with deadwood and to restore it to the stately shape and stature that its designers intended. 



Campuses prize large trees, but the trees must be kept safe and stable. Here again, we often create management plans and make regular visits to preserve trees and where necessary toremove them for safety. Our emergency crew is on call to answer immediate needs.


Religious Institutions

Some of New York’s churches have among its better collections of trees. We work to keep them healthy, safe and beautiful.


We are happy to provide a list of our institutional clients and projects upon request

10 years of great service

“We've been using Urban Arborists for more than
10 years. The staff has always been top notch and Bill Logan is truly brilliant. It is obvious that he loves his work.”

— G.J. museum director,

Unmatched knowledge of trees

“I have been working with Urban Arborists for the last six years on tree pruning and tree pit work in the Village Alliance district.  Bill Logan's knowledge of trees is unmatched.  The crew that comes out on site to do the work are extremely professional... I would recommend them to anyone seeking help with their trees.”

— D.L. Director of Planning for a major BID, Manhattan

An invaluable resource

“As a grounds manager responsible for about 700 trees... Urban Arborists is an invaluable resource. We have come to rely on Bill's expert and concise arborist reports to help us make decisions about our trees. Bill Logan has likewise assembled a first-rate staff...These guys do it right the first time, and they are a pleasure to work with. They know all the ins and outs of tree work in the concrete jungle of New York City!  ”

— G.R. Landscape manager, University Campus, Manhattan

We are happy to provide a list of our institutional clients and projects upon request.